When we think of Indiana, we don’t think that much about it when it comes to music other than the fact that it’s the home to the Jackson family BUT in the past 5 years Indiana has taken a serious leap when it comes to the Underground Hip Hop scene and even rap battles.

Leading the charge is “The Lioness” is Poiizzon InYour IV. With female rappers putting a choke hold on the industry right now, Poiizon looks to put her melodic originality finger print on the game as well. She has now made a mark with even battling her way into 106 and park where she was the Freestyle Friday Battle Champion for a month straight!!! A feat that made sure she could no longer be denied when it comes to mentions in the battle field of hip hop. She is no beginner, touring across the country with stops in Florida, South Carolina, Virginia and across her home state of Indiana, as well. Her crown jewel so far is her critically acclaimed mixtape called Ryse of A Queen that won her The Strip Club Award for the best Female Rap Artist. She has already garnered numerous wins in competitions for her music and doesn’t plan on letting that be her limit of numerous accomplishments she has set for herself. Her latest single Breathe On Em is another reminder why Poiizzon must be taken seriously when it comes to the illest lyricists in the game. With rhymes like

” U dealing wit a war vet in a corsett, keep your door shut or feel the vortex, imma born threat,”

Or when you hear her say

“I’m a Queen – not a princess, my flow Princeton and Harvard and I ain’t gotta Yale it!!!” You know she is a certified lyricist that cannot be taken lightly!!! Her come up has just begun. With faithful fans all across the globe she is now buzzing big time in Memphis, Tennessee… If your a fan of lyrics, lyricism and just raw talent, I urge you to pick your Poiizzon.


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