If you haven’t heard the name Eko Dymondz then prepare yourself to be thrilled. Pronounced Echo. This multi talented female MC has embarked on a journey sure to bring the game to its knees. Born in Indiana, Eko moved to San Diego, California in 2007. She Sings, raps, writes poetry, and paints.We call this a Quadruple threat. Inspired by West Coast legends such as Snoop, Dre., N.W.A, Ice Cube and 2pac,. She also is heavliy influenced by Southern rap including artists like Kevin Gates. This charismatic, versatile, phenom is soon to be a household name. 2017 she dropped her first material. The Dymondz in the Rough Ep was 5 tracks, with songs like Banger, Summertime in California, and the sky is falling she proved herself to be an MC with longevity!!! She has fun party records, but she is an intelligent female MC that wants to deliver messages through her lyrics. Named after a Greek Nymph a demigod she shows you there is no myth to her madness.. Consistently dropping street savvy songs with that CALIFORNIA appeal. Her catalog is strong with songs such as Red is Riding Hood, Try me, Choosy and boujee, and TNT. All worthy of being on any personal or Spotify playlist. Keeping this consistency up, she has just released three more singles that much more than radio Airplay worthy. Those singles being 2 a.m, Be So Mean, and Sirens Song .What’s next for Eko? She plans on methodically putting together another project together when the time is right. If all that is not enough to wow you then you also should know that she records, mixes and masters her own music. Right now she’s fully focused on maintaining a name for herself and building up her empire which will not ensure the streets will be echoing her name forever.

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