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Tuesday 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

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Hailing from the lower eastern shore of Maryland, DJ Jumpoff Aka MrNodayzoff Present's The Lituation Show every Tuesday 9pm to 11pm Est on ADG Radio



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The Lituation crew

DJ Jumpoff Aka MrNodayzoff A wise man once said, “Make the most of yourself for that is all there is of you.” Someone who strives to fulfill their complete potential by working on perfecting their craft daily is what you call a legend in the making. Not even in his prime yet, DJ Jumpoff fits this description to a tee. He is taking the music scene by storm, working consistently to establish his brand and claim his position as a respected and successful DJ. Hailing from the lower eastern shore of Maryland, DJ Jumpoff began DJing when he was 18 years old. Also known to some as Mr. Incredible, or Mr Nodayzoff, Jumpoff started off in the music business as a rapper along with a few of his friends. During his brief tenure with rap, he caught the attention of many, including FUBU Records, but he decided it wasn’t for him and did not follow through with that career choice. After a while, he started making CDs for people, and eventually was asked to play music at a friend’s party. Once he did that, he began getting several requests to play music at parties. This, in turn, eventually led him to what he is doing now – DJing. After playing a house parties for a while, he later got the opportunity to play in a club, which helped him establish his name and begin to build his brand Soon after he began DJing in clubs, DJ Jumpoff decided to further expand his business and started doing mixtapes. As he continued to perfect his craft, he rubbed elbows with some of the best in the business, including Jeezy, Trina, and many more. He eventually established two successful mixtape series called “R&B Overload” and “Jumpoff Radio”, each of which contain exclusive new music from some of the biggest names in music. His name has quickly spread like wildfire and he is catching a lot of attention from the hip hop audience. He has DJed in Savannah Ga,Atlanta Ga,New Orleans La and many more places Now living in the Midwest, DJ Jumpoff continues to spread his name and build his brand. He is currently DJing on Major FM Radio. His career is off to a great start,, Jumpoff has made amazing strides. Drawing inspiration from power house DJs such as DJ Clue, Funkmaster Flex, White Owl, and Ron G to name a few, DJ Jumpoff is destined for greatness.He is Also a #QCDJ working lots of new names on the rise as well big name artist.DJ Jumpoff is one to watch for

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