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About The Barry Farmer Morning Show

The Barry Farmer Morning Show appeals to a diverse audience based RVA. We take pride of knowing The BFMS offers our many listeners clean conversation content. The BFMS conversation content focuses on engaging topics consisting of friendly debates, nostalgia and motivational moments. We also welcome a variety guest such as small businesses, music artists, Nonprofits and individuals with inspirational stories.

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The Barry Farmer Morning Show crew

Barry is a Adoptive Father of 3, Spokesman for Adopt Us Kids, Foster Care Adoption Advocate for children awaiting adoption, Speaker, Mentor,  Host of The Barry Farmer Morning  Show, as well as the Creator/Administrator of one of the largest online support group for Foster Care and Adoptive families. He’s been featured in People Magazine, Apple News Spotlight, ABC, CBS, Disney studios and HLN news Networks, Inside Edition, numerous written articles and independent projects.  With his show, Barry enjoys connecting with various individuals from across the country, giving them a platform to share their stories, products, Brands and life’s work.

Co-Host of The Barry Farmer Morning Show Sharon was born in Harlem, NY, BUT...raised in Richmond, VA, where she’s the current Co-host of The Barry Farmer Morning Show , while pursuing a full-time acting career. She is an avid lover of Acting, Singing, Writing and Directing Skits and Small Plays. Sharon has appeared in various Theatre productions (Code Blue, Chronicles Of Eden, Exposed, and the up and coming Planter’s Harvest “You Reap What You Sow”), TV shows (SPIKE TV’s Bar Rescue, HBO series VEEP, Investigation Discovery, Netflix series House of Cards, Killing Kennedy, The Heart, CBS drama Under The Dome, etc.) film (Troop 491: Adventures of the Muddy Lions and the up and coming, The 19th, W.I.N.E and “SELMA”), commercials (ADIDAS & Shentel Communications), short/small films and training/instructional videos.

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