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Written by on 2019-03-31

What up Wwoorrlldd! Working in media I get to meet people from all walks of life, I get to meet great folks who have been in the industry for years and I get to meet people on the come up. Recently through social media I met a young Model/Singer/Radio host from Northern, Virginia by the name of Shida P!

“Who is Shida P” your probably asking yourself! Shida P is a mother of two, a hard working woman, a sex symbol, a rockstar, and a I don’t give a F&%$ how you feel type of person when necessary, but most of all Shida P is about her business! Shida was born on the West Coast and Raised in NY, and VA. Shida’s modeling career began early in her childhood when she was a contestant in an NAACP beauty pageant in Rocheaster, NY and went home with the first place prize.

When I asked Shida who were her early inspirations, her response was “My family, my grandmother(R.I.P.), my aunt Shelly, and the greats such as Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, and Alicia Keys.” I was curious to know what her favorite part of doing what she loves for a living is and she replied ” my favorite part is traveling to network. I love going to different places especially when it elevates my career.”

Some of Shida’s career accomplishments that she’s proud of include making the cover of two magazines, working with a major DC Radio station 93.9 FM, modelling for the Cokeboys as well as making music with them. She has also interviewed Gillie Da Kid and Legendary RnB music group Hi-Five. So get ready world and keep your eyes open for Shida P on the rise! If you’d like to know her better Follow her @shida_pope on instagram and Shida P on Facebook.

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