Written by: Julz Mancini

There has been a question floating around for quite some time regarding R&B and whether or not it is a dead genre. With music changing dramatically throughout the years, it is clear that many miss the heart-felt and soulful songs; those air grabbing, emotional, and sexy artists. I’m certain that when you think back to your own era, there are artists that come to mind who brought depth and meaning to the forefront. Topics such as heart break, love, and sex were presented in a way that captured the ears of multiple demographics. Whether a person was lying in bed saturating their pillow with tears or playing a song over their significant other’s voicemail, it was clear that R&B assisted listeners in expressing themselves when their own words wouldn’t cut it. If you are someone who is yearning for an artist who stays true to the R&B genre, Reece Mills will definitely meet your standards.

Opening for major acts such as Omarion and Tony Sunshine, Reece made it very clear to his audience that he stood out from many R&B artists. With breathtaking vocals and mesmerizing stage presence, people have always been drawn and compelled to become part of Reece’s musical path. After years of hard work, Reece has built an incredible army of loyal fans who can’t get enough of his music. Having released several projects, Reece is no stranger to the amount of time, money, and sleep deprivation it takes to push forward and continue to stand in the spotlight as an R&B artist.

Recently, Reece released a captivating, new single titled, “The One”. With a combination of harmonies and emotion filled lyrics, “The One” captures the attention of the listener and maintains their focus for the remainder of the song. “My emotion’s getting the best of me. I can’t control it. And something’s on my mind. I cannot hold it. I’ve been holding back. I just wanna tell you your love is supernatural and I want you to…give it to me slow. Give it to me right. Take my time, take my time, make it last all damn night.” From the smooth, classic sounding beat to his gentle cadence, Reece creates a relaxing, sexy mood. Music like this provokes the listener to apply the song to a past or present situation they have experienced. Reece brings love, soul, and feeling back into music while remaining relevant to today’s sound.

Having the pleasure to witness Reece’s growth as an artist, it was noticed that he also took the time to gain knowledge of the requirements and expectations of music artists in today’s industry. Of course his talent speaks for itself. Most of us know, however, that it takes much more than just talent. Reece has proved throughout his career, that not only is he a talented creator, but also a business man who takes pride in his brand and product. Consistency is key. As the reader takes a leap into Reece’s catalog, they will realize that he never disappoints. While traveling from song to song, pay close attention to the way Reece utilizes his voice to create hypnotizing harmonies, perfect ad-libs, and song lyrics that will entice you, developing you into a life-long fan.

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