Born in Jersey City, raised in Dunkirk, New York, before ending up in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This young dynamic singer is out to prove she is more than just a cover girl. And when I say cover girl, I am referring to over the 50 songs she has covered over her career so far.  When you hear this young phenom sing, you can hear success all over it.   Being that her biggest influence in her career has been Selena, this Puerto Rican /Colombian time bomb is ready to set it off. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis is her most recent and also her favorite cover song so far and for various reasons. Jerilyn also admits that it is her most challenging cover so far. Acknowledging how much she admires Leona’s range on that specific track.   SOOO, what is next for this Puerto Rican Princes Princess?? 2021, Jerilyn is planning to drip drop an explosive project around the end of the summer, with the single feel your body Feel Your Body which is out now leading the way for it. She also hopes to grow her YouTube channel with the covers that she drops every Friday. That’s not all she also intends on performing depending on how this pandemic plays out. Jeirilyn will not even stop there, she is currently teaching herself how to play multiple instruments and also Hope’s hopes to pursue a hand in producing some of her own tracks. Her music is a reflection of her life lessons, failed relationships, finding love and dealing with the struggles of PTSD and anxiety. She hopes to inspire people to be strong during the hard times and to enjoy life to the fullest especially on those good days because those are what will get you through the rough ones. If there is one thing for certain this shooting star possesses every quality, you need to be successful in the industry and she does it the right way. With class, style and elegance. To prove once and for all, that the sky is not the limit for her by any means.

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