Written by: Julz Mancini

As an individual who has a deep love for music, I yearn for a vivid story embraced and accented by captivating lyrics, intimate emotions, catchy hooks, and top of the line production. It is rare to find all of these attributes in one project. As most of us are aware, the music industry, whether mainstream or underground, is over-saturated. As my passion for music has grown tremendously throughout the years, I have continued to seek music artists who inspire, motivate, and lure in listeners. When I come across an artist who describes himself as “the king of New York”, I expect that artist to portray and present himself as such. A king is what Kony Brooks embodies.

As I eagerly awaited the release of “When All Else Fails”, I paid close attention to the engagement on Kony’s social media regarding his new project. To witness so many people encourage, acknowledge, and verbalize their excitement to Kony helped me to realize that he isn’t just pursuing his dream. He is living it. Kony overcame obstacles and self-doubt resulting in an amazing collection of songs in which his fans are given the ability to feel his pain, love, strength, and passion.

“When all else fails this is real rap. Even a soul without a heart gotta feel that.” The introduction to this project titled, “When All Else Fails” is the perfect track to grab the listener’s attention. “I used to write in my notebook; prayed for times like this to rhyme like this.” Kony discusses his flaws, hardships, the darkness, and the light assisting the listener in recognizing his growth as a person and artist. This song is a testament to many artists’ journeys; a song most will be able to relate to. From one track to the next, it is hard not to smile. It is seldom that I listen to an album from beginning to end while simultaneously finding it difficult to decide which tracks to introduce to you within this article.

Kony Brooks has a special way of intriguing both men and women when rapping about love, sex, and relationship goals. His songs, “Squad Goals”, “Touch Me”, “Sextape”, “Distance, Pt. 2”, among others, are all descriptive enough to have men nodding their heads in agreement with the lyrics while smiling. These same songs will have the women biting their lips envisioning their most recent intimate experience. It’s a great sign when I’m streaming the song, “Sex Tape” while driving, singing along with hook. These songs will certainly put someone in the mood.

“Had to roam around and get my confidence back because a couple years ago this would have been an empty statement. You treat me like the savior, all the pressure on my back. Tryna’ reach a generation with this clever **** I rap.” These lyrics are from Kony’s song, “I Pray I Make It”. Throughout this song, he describes his hopes to have continued strength, guidance, and success while facing daily struggles and praying for survival. It is no secret that Kony Brooks has faced adversities that have helped him execute this project.

Kony Brooks has been working hard. It became even clearer to me when I realized there was a part B to “When All Else Fails”.  While I can give you all of the juicy details within this article, I feel it is time you take the journey through Kony Brooks’ project to really experience his vivid storytelling tactics using impeccable lyricism, perfect delivery, and absolute passion. “When All Else Fails” is by far the best project I have listened to all year. You will not be disappointed.

https://album.link/us/i/1526188816 “When All Else Fails” (Side A)

https://album.link/us/i/1526699650 “When All Else Fails” (Side B)

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