What up Wwoorrlldd! So recently I was hanging out with Sharmaine Gravely a.k.a Fiyah Grillz, owner of Fiyah Grillz custom gold grillz shop in Roanoke, Virginia! Fiyah owns the only gold grill customization shop in the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia. Stepping inside Fiyah Grillz you’ll not only find catalogs of the many different types of designs you can get your grill custom molded and designed with, but you can also find Fiyah’s exclusive B.A.G. (Bossy & Gorgeous Girl) Apparel, Fiyah Grillz logo T-shirts, plus Fiyah Grillz’s Gold & Silver cleaning solution. When she’s not handling business at the grillz shop you can find Fiyah back in the lab pouring her heart and passion into her first love, which is music.

     Fiyah says her love for music came naturally, her mother was a dancer and was often dancing around the house and in front of the TV. Being surrounded by music, and being gifted with the ability to write, Fiyah found herself around the age of 6 writing poetry and songs with ease. Feeling that she was not the best singer in her early years of age, Fiyah recalls walking home from the store one cold and rainy day and out of the blue spitting a freestyle about giving a bum a quarter. It was in that moment that young Fiyah discovered that she had found a way to express her poetry and songs in a way that felt right to her. From that moment Fiyah knew rhyming was her way to go.

     I had to ask Fiyah where she got her inspiration from to become an entrepreneur. Her response was a bit of a surprise, she got to grow up spending a lot of time with her aunt Virgina who was one of a small few, of successful black women business owners in Roanoke, Virginia. Fiyah says while hanging out with her aunt at that young age her aunt would often pull her to the side while the other kids were playing and break down the game to her personally. For Fiyah it was that type of love that instilled in her the Belief or better yet the knowing that she too could run her own business and become very successful. On the flip side of that Fiyah also experienced seeing her grandmother work very hard on a regular basis for someone else yet never seeming to financially become well off for herself, it was that experience of life on both sides of the fence that helped Fiyah determine that she did not want to work all her life for someone else when she knew she could work hard and become successful for herself.

     Fast forward to 2019 you can find Fiyah at her place of business “Fiyah Grillz” at 2501 Williamson rd in Roanoke,VA. As an established entrepreneur and musical artist. Although Fiyah had a love for gold grills at a young age she never imagined herself working in the business of selling gold grills, it was fate that landed her the opportunity to go into business starting from scratch to build up the only custom gold grill shop in Southwest Virginia. Along with running Fiyah Grillz, Fiyah is also making new music and recently dropped a freestyle for the uproar challenge. When she dropped the freestyle the views and reviews went through the roof on Facebook and the feedback has fueled her to continue dropping new music for 2019 and beyond. For me, this is what I love about my job getting to meet great individuals with unique stories of over coming the odds and pursuing their dreams with all their heart. Besure to check Fiyah out on social media at “Fiyah Grillz” or stop by the grill shop for “Real Gold Grillz For The Real Dealz” 


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