By: Julz Mancini

“Stars” is Chloe Morgan’s new single and it’s sending waves through the music scene. Recently unveiled on August 10th, Chloe brings substance to her fans as she describes the importance of the Creator of the universe. She lures in the listener with a captivating introduction which includes acapella vocals. The track is a combination of EDM, Disco, and meaning. The hook is catchy which has caused her fans to chant the words as they listen to the song. 

Although the song was written several years ago, it couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time. With our world currently facing adversity, “Stars” sends an important message to the audience explaining that there is a higher power. Chloe turned to music while trudging through rough terrain and created this amazing work of art. As a result, she learned that she must live her life with power and passion.

“This song comes from the perspective of calling to attention the one that’s greater”, Chloe says. “It’s about the awakening that God’s powerful light is always leading us through every valley or mountaintop.”

Chloe has made it clear that she not only has a deep love for music but also God and what a powerful message to bring to the forefront. “Stars” is meant to inspire and awaken Chloe’s listeners and it is obvious that she has succeeded!

“I had the line ‘You made the stars ignite’, which has so much more meaning now than when I wrote it. It’s now a song of gratitude and exultation to the Creator”, Chloe explained. 

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