What up Wwoorrlldd! Years ago I found myself online trying to find out how to make Bombb Music. While scrolling through Facebook I came across a video from an independent Hip Hop group. Immediately I was blown away by the sound quality and the professionalism of the music video. I followed the link to their full video on Youtube and right away became a fan. That group was “C4” from Minnesota, who I reached out to, to introduce myself and we’ve been in touch ever since, that was 2013. Fast forward to 2019 I had to catch up with “C4” when I heard they had a new music project in the works. I shot them a few questions and their answers went like this.

Q.) So who is the Super Duo “C4”?

A.) We are a highly explosive group which consist of Tiz and YaBoiDarin based out of the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Even though we may be small in numbers since there are only two of us, we still are gonna have a huge impact in this industry.

Q.) Where did C4’s musical career begin?

A.) Fargo, ND in the basement (old label name). Started out as 4 friends/family who had a passion for rhyming and using that creative side of our brains to tell our story. Eventually me and YaBoiDarin were the only ones who decided this is our life long journey to be doing what we love for a living and that’s create music.

Q.) At what time in your lives did y’all decide that music would be the move for the future?

A.) Me and Tiz were big into basketball. One day Tiz was like “Man I think I want to give up basketball and put my all into this music”. I was like “Why?” He said “because we’ve been given more love and respect off this music then we ever have on the court, People actually fuck with our music and support what we are doing”. From that day forward we ended up using all our left over student loan money we got for enrolling into Anoka Technical College to pay for our new studio equipment.

Q.) Who were y’all’s early inspirations? and who inspires y’all today to keep Growing?

A.) To be honest we have both had this self driven passion within us to push ourselves everyday in order for us to live a better lifestyle. Being in a position to take care of our parents and put them in a good place mentally where they can relax because their financially stable. Other than that it would be our fans. Nothing is better than hearing them say how our music helped them through a tough period in their life, or motivates them to get up in the morning to grind towards their goals. Now if your talking about artists than I would say the late Nipsey Hussle the Great, Bone Thugs, Trae Tha Truth, TI, 2 Pac, and Outkast.

Q.) What are some of y’alls Accomplishments that y’all are proud of?

A.) Performing at SXSW, helped us gain major exposure and made new fans. I would also have to say when we had our first album be available on all streaming platforms. This allowed us to be very successful promoting our music at SoundSet. If they didn’t want to purchase a physical copy we gave them a flyer that had a NFC Tag which directed them straight to our website. We got such great feedback from people it helped mold some of our marketing techniques we use today.

Q.) Have y’all ever faced a time when y’all thought about hanging up the music career?

A.) Plenty of times, we’ve had to face so many demons in order for us to be where we are today. Us as humans, we have the tendency of thinking, ok we made a plan now we just have to watch this plan bloom into something beautiful, when in actuality nothing goes according to plan. As an artist you have to be able to adapt to change and take on multiple issues that may come your way at once without allowing yourself to get upset over what you can’t control. It’s not easy but anything that comes easy won’t last and anything that last won’t come easy!

Q.) If y’all could give any advice to up and coming Artist what would it be?

A.) Make sure you learn the business side of this industry. Invest into yourself, make USB’s to pass out to Djs and A&Rs, flyers to give out to potential fans with your information on it, etc. Build a email can list, it’s crucial towards your success, and last but not least make a plan then execute that plan accordingly. Planning can be the difference between having direction where to go and trying to find success blindly.

So if you’ve been taking notes like me, then there are some tips from a great hip hop duo on how to make “Bombb Music”. Big shout out to C4’s Tiz and YaBoiDarin for a banging blog and besure to go like, love and follow them on social media and play their music on every music platform you find it on. Until next time peeps, Peace!

Visit the C4 website at http://Www.bombbmusic.com



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