What up World! At All Digital Global Media (ADG) we love using this media platform to highlight the careers and accomplishments of our everyday heroes that deserve some recognition. So for this ADG blog I connected with established sports coach, Published author (Bishop Chains), and spiritual warrior Larry L Bishop Jr.  I first started hearing about coach on Facebook, I would see a lot of his training videos and pictures from coaching high school football games in the news feeds. As life paths would have it, we later met in person through our spiritual brother Antonio Stovall, who had brought a group of positive male role models from the community together to get to know each other and build together. Coach is a pretty big dude with just as big a personality to match. I was immediately drawn to his mental strength and will to break free from the modern day chains a lot of us find ourselves feeling shackled to coming from where we come from. The more I got to know coach and become more familiar with his accomplishments, the more I wanted to take some time to highlight his accomplishments. In the summer of 2018 he appeared as a guest on The 5Forty Radio Show on ADG Radio. I had invited him to hop on the airwaves with us to talk about his book he had published “Broken Promise At The Alter”, which is a reflection of his life from childhood to his adult years and his becoming a father and dealings with the women who played parts in his life. After the show he gifted me with a autographed copy of the book and being the book reader that I am I couldn’t wait to get a chance to spend some time with it.  The book was surprising and very deep, I would have never thought coach had such a tough childhood and young adult life. By the time I finished the book i couldn’t help but to reflect back on my young adult years and how bad my dealings with females had been at times and how important it is as men to treat our women better. If you love good books especially non-fictions besure to go to Amazon and get your copy of Bishop Chains “Broken Promise At The Alter” today!

Recently I reached out to coach to ask if he would be open to me writing a blog on him and he was down for the cause. This is how the questions and answers went.

×. Where was Coach born and Raised?
 Roanoke, Virginia.
×. What type of childhood and adolescence life did Coach have that lead him toward his Adult Path?
My childhood was filled with a lot of pain. I had an abusive father which also sent me down that path. I also had a mother who was unfaithful due to the abuse that she was receiving which confused me as a young child. That lead to a lot of the things I did as an adult. It made it hard for me to trust people and women.
×. How long have you been Coaching and Training?
I’ve been coaching since 1996 and I have to give Coach George Miller, Coach Lovelace, & Coach Smith, credit for that. They inspired me  based on what they did for me in my life as a young man searching for directions. I’ve been training since I was a teenager. My cousins Bo Perdue & James Ferguson got me started on that path. That inspired me to become a Certified Trainer. Che  Tory saw something in me at a Dennis Haley football camp, asked me to come by and it was on from there. I’ve been certified since 2007 through ISSA.
×. What roles does your spirituality play in your Coaching and Training?
It plays a huge part in it. It keeps me grounded and it also allows me to see people for who they are. I’ve never given up on a individual since I’ve been coaching & training.
×. Have you followed the Traditional church path toward spirituality or have you looked outside of the church to find a path toward spiritual fulfillment?
I was once on the traditional walk, however in meeting my Spiritual Mentor Antonio Stovall that changed once I started doing research for Self Knowledge. I can say that connecting to those who came before me and learning about my bloodline has been amazing!
×. Growing up did you ever imagine yourself becoming an Author?
Yes, I’ve been writhing for years. However fear kept me from opening up. That changed when I had a conversation with my Earth, My Mother. She said never allow fear to control your outcome. Attack life as if your on the football field aggressive but yet strategic!
×. How has the experience of Publishing a book that was so personal changed your life?
To be honest with you it hasn’t because my life has always been a open book. No matter who you are or how much money you obtain. You will never be able to run from Self!
×. Where does coach see himself growing to in the next 5 years?
I always harp on my spiritual which has been the backbone of my life for the last three Years. My goal is to create a safe haven for our youth and give them somewhere they can come a vent as well as receive love that they may or may not be receiving from home. I will have a Fitness Center very soon so that I can mentor our future.
     And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Certified Coach, Published Author, and Spiritual Warrior Larry L. Bishop Jr. if you want to learn more you can find coach in instagram at
and you can find his book “Broken Promise At The Alter” on Amazon at

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