Written by: Julz Mancini

Struggle and hardships typically catapult an artist’s creativity, turning them to pen, paper, and a beat in hopes of alleviating their pain. With the world’s most recent turmoil, many creatives have found different ways of utilizing their craft developing songs based on current events. Audiences, who once yearned for the perfect party track, are now searching for music that helps them through poor health, financial strain, and quarantine. 

B-EZ, Staten Island, NY native has recently released the song “Pain No Mo’” and its official music video. The nostalgic vibe the beat gives the listener takes them on a ride through their own pain and realities. The lyrics pierce the listeners ears, traveling to their mind causing flashbacks and snapshots of what they have experienced to take over. 

As the music video begins, the viewer is met with visuals of protestors and police in the heart of NYC. As crowds consume the streets, the camera zooms into B-EZ as he speaks to the people about the realities that are taking place right outside of his door. B-EZ is seen standing in front of a beautiful murals of Kobe Bryant and his daughter in addition to George Floyd, again shining light on another loss the world has suffered from. 

Putting his fist up with his crew, B-EZ is adamant about portraying his love and support for the black community who continue to face racial and judicial injustices, something that still remains an ongoing problem. This visual is filled with realism, truth, and relatability. With over seven thousand views in the last couple of weeks, it is clear that B-EZ’s message is being heard, shared, and absorbed. This is the perfect example of listeners yearning for music with substance. 

We are currently facing difficult times negating the desire to party. As we continue to work through adversity, it is songs like “Pain No Mo” that remind us we must keep pushing forward regardless of the obstacles we face. 

“Step outside screaming I can’t breathe. The whites’ lie seems to be we free. Our life will flash as they flash those beams. They sell us out then will claim my dreams.”

B-EZ surely has a way with words, developing music swarmed with messages for his audience. His listeners have shared positive feedback regarding “Pain No Mo’” and are looking forward to his next release. To get better acquainted with B-EZ please click on the links below. Also, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube and watch the official music video for “Pain No Mo’”.