Alonna Deville
The Story starts  in Markham,Illinois for this Gemini Princess. Since the early age of 4 , she has bee doin music. Eventually becoming a soloist in her church.  She gradually got her first taste of the industry with an independent label with a group named Rich Territory. But there was nothing that was gonna stop this shooting star from  flying across the sky and progressively branching out to blossom into the full blown wild flower she was always intended to be.  Gaining momentum and establishing a buzz through winning numerous competitions and performing in. countless night clubs and hosting local events.  Alonna has been nominated for a people’s choice award. 2014 she won BEST MUSIC VIDEO AT THE CMVA (Chicago Music Video Award ) for Lil Mamma Bad. Which Anchored the way for this Gemini Princess to Sign with Beastly Music Group. Ummm that’s not it.  Alonna also starred in the stage play IF YOU LOVE ME, which was a humungous success and has the budding actress/artist lookin for more starring roles in the near future. Her mixtape
On Your knees,  I’m the Queen , has over 80,000 streams and counting.  Her mixtape  “Wanted,” was so bar heavy it earned her the nickname the “The Lyrical Assasin” and ” The Underground’s most Wanted. Her single Sluggn took the underground by storm,  and by the way, it wasn’t any tropical storm either. It has been a category 5 hurricane flooding the streets  with not only music but her clothing line  , Sluggn which is also producing numbers across the country.  Some of her biggest musical influences have been Da Brat,  Lil kim,and Nicki Minaj. Some of her biggest inspirational moments have come from Legends in the game calling her for collabs, to walking and protesting beside Erica Kane in Chicago for racial profiling. Performing all over the country in places such as Chicago, St. Louis,  Miami, Houston and Detroit.  From music to fashion to acting, Alonna has proven  to be an artist with longevity and h
er Trademark Sluggn Is just one way to say Alonna Deville is more than just a couple hits, she is definitely knocking em outta the ball park as we speak.

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