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All Digital Global (Alldigitalglobal.com) is a multi-media and entertainment platform, which is the home of ADG Radio (All Digital Global Radio) the #1 Hip-Hop and R&B Station in Southwest, Virginia. Streaming the hottest music and radio shows 24/7 365 days a year worldwide. You can download the ADG Radio App on the Google Play Store and IOS.  Our media platform also consist of Podcasts, Videos, Blogs, Events and Etc. We provide a platform for all talent to be broadcast and showcased. Build your brand with Alldigitalglobal.com “Covering All Four Corners Of The Globe!”

Our Mission:

Is to formulate a platform for DJ’s, Radio Personalities and Artist worldwide to showcase talent. Our aim is to bring hip-hop from across the globe in different forms. What we would like to achieve is to inspire new artist to achieve their goals and also get exposure of their skills and talents. Our goal is to touch lives and uplift artist to the next level. We also offer opportunities to connect with DJ’s, radio shows, producers and record label executives. “Covering All Four Corners Of The Globe!”


All Digital Global Platform: