Springfield is where it all started for this Ohio player. D KUSH Started making a name for himself battling and making money off battling because it was main source of income. But having a life that was tied to the streets he soon had to make a choice, between gambling with his life in the streets or gambling on making money off his name in hip hop. Kush started to make music with his life long friend and producer El Chapo, and they started making songs outta KUSHs freestyles and late night writing sessions. With some of his biggest influences being D Block, Lil Wayne and Dipset Kush has earned him a first class seat on his own musical journey . Already performing in place like Myrtle Beach ,Colorado and Ohio , tunnel vision and focus is the only way to describe KUSHs worth ethic . With Songs like Fetty, drippin on em, and Blueface already out to the public KUSHs road to riches seems to have just begun. With the eagerly anticipated project the Beginning out Now on all platforms, what can we expect in the future for this thought provoking mc.? His new single Feel Something in which he recently subsequently released a video for is doin numbers. This is a must here and is sure to be a Summertime Favorite. He eventually wants to build a label and Hope’s to keep consistently send conscious messages thru his music knowing his nephews and younger peers are all ears. D KUSH is a taste of something different ,there is no Mc to compare him to , he is definitely in his own lane, and his lane the coast is clear …

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