Up and coming Los Angeles R&B artist 7EVEN DAZE is representing where she is from while paying homage to West Coast artists who paved the way with her new single ‘West Side’.

Creatively influenced by artists like Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean and Beyoncé, 7EVEN DAZE’s music belongs to a new wave of R&B that aren’t afraid to be different while maintaining a familiar sound.

Her energetic vocals, beat and video; will let listeners know exactly where she is from.

“This song is about my city Los Angeles. It is the vibe we live. I had to pay tribute to West Coast pioneers who paved the way for artists like myself. It plays such a big part of who I am personally and musically.” – 7EVEN DAZE

7EVEN DAZE is currently working with producers Jason Smith, Gil Smith, and Larry Cox on her upcoming album ‘Sanity’. ‘West Side’ is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Twitter: @7evendaze_

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